Broadway Show Tickets in NYC

You can buy Broadway tickets from many different ticket outlets in NYC and the cost of the tickets can vary wildly. Below is our guide to buying Broadway tickets in NYC

The Best Ways To Buy Broadway Show Tickets

Face Value Broadway Tickets:

Ticket buyers can purchase face value Broadway tickets directly from the box office at the Broadway theatre. Each theatre only sells tickets to their own show (IE you cannot buy Hamilton tickets at the Wicked theatre) The box office does not charge any additional fees for tickets purchased in person. Face value tickets can also be purchased over the phone (or on the internet) from the official ticket source like Telecharge or Ticketmaster, but these organizations will charge a fee of $10 for the convenience, making this method better for people from out of town. Your Broadway tickets can still be picked up at the box office or sent to a mailing address, but the $10 fee/per ticket  will still apply. The only way to avoid the fee is to buy the tickets in person at the box office.

tkts ticket windows Times Square
TDF TKTS ticket windows Times Square

Discount Broadway Tickets:

Discount Broadway tickets can be purchased on the day of the show at the TDF TKTS booth in Times Square (or any one of the other 3 TKTS booths located around NYC). Discounted tickets can also be purchased in advance through the New York Show Tickets service. This company provides a discount code that can be used in person (no fee) or over the internet or phone (fee applies for phone or web) The discount code can be used for up to 8 ticket purchases per transaction. This service also supplies ticket lottery and standby ticket information and is a paid service.

StubHub Offices NYC
Ticket Brokers Sell Through StubHub Which Guarantees Genuine Tickets

Ticket Broker Tickets:

For the really hard to find Broadway tickets like HamiltonBook of Mormon, Frozen and Harry Potter  – ticket brokers may be the only way to get into the show. Stubhub is a reliable way of getting tickets that are certified genuine and guaranteed as many fake Broadway tickets have been circulating on street corners and on Craigslist. Stubhub is a primary provider of secondary market Broadway tickets (AKA ticket brokers) and these tickets will be priced higher than their face value counterpart tickets, so you should expect some sticker shock. Always ask what the original ticket is, so you know what you are getting and how much extra you are paying for it.

Standing room only at a Broadway show

Broadway Tickets Still Too Expensive?

If the Broadway Show that you want to see is too expensive, you should consider seeing another Broadway Show (or even an off-Broadway show) as there is always something good playing on the Great White Way. Discount Broadway Tickets does offer standby, Lottery Rush, Student and some other discounted ticket methods that will bring the Broadway show ticket price down, but venturing a little further into the rich cultural landscape of performance arts in New York City, may just pay off more than you ever imagined. If you are dead set on that must-have ticket, then you can exchange some of your time for a lower ticket price, but doing the ticket lottery, standing room only and other last-minute bargains.