The Top Best Value Parking Garages in New York City

Top Five Best Value Parking Garages in NYC

What are the best value parking garages in NYC’s Upper West Side, Upper East Side, Midtown East, and the Financial District?

New York City Traffic and Parking

With over 1,100 parking facilities in New York City to choose from, how does a driver go about finding the parking garage with the best value? We decided to find the best value parking garages in New York City. The criteria we used to determine the best value in the various locations around the NYC included:

Parking Lot Prices:

Many parking garages run daily parking specials, but rather than chase these offers, we needed to find parking garages that offer low prices every day. The prices have to be fair and clear and no “special event rates” where the client is often ripped off. It’s not just about price of course, a parking garage also has to meet the many other criteria below.

Parking Garage Locations:

The parking garage also has to be centrally located and easy to get to from major highways. It should also be close to bus routes, subway stops, or where taxis are driving by, so you can get to your destination in New York City quickly and easily. The neighborhood must also be safe, even late at night.

Quick In and Out?

Many parking garages suffer from backlog while they are trying to squeeze every car into the garage. We only wanted garages that don’t end up leaving customers cars in the middle of the road while they shift everything around. Also the payment process should be quick and eventful, just as getting the car back and checking it for damage.

Available Parking Spaces:

The parking garages should also have plenty of parking spaces available. Many garages fill up quickly during peak periods, but we sought out garages that only fill up occasionally.

Friendly Staff and Low Complaint Reports:

Many New York City parking garages have surly staff that mistreat the vehicles such as causing bumper damage or sleeping or eating in their client’s vehicles. We were looking for parking garages that don’t have these kinds of problems.

The Best Value Garages:

Below is the list of the top five parking garages with the best value in New York City, specifically on the Upper West Side, Upper East Side, Midtown West, Midtown East, and the Financial District areas.