NYC Brunch Spots – Bottomless Brunch Where You Can Keep Your Pants On

The dirty details of the NYC bottomless brunch

It didn’t originate in New York City, but the bottomless brunch has certainly taken hold in the Big Apple.

For those inebriates who like to eat and drink unlimited alcohol, masked with fruit juice on a Sunday morning, the bottomless brunch is a perfect fit to get you ready for the work week ahead.

The bruncher experience is best tolerated by those who have a good alcohol tolerance, with the lily-livered players suffering on Sunday and maybe having to sleep it off till the manic Monday morning begins. The bottomless brunch is a true party animal Sunday morning rite of passage, where alcohol imbibing excesses are never frowned upon unless things get really out of hand.

The Format of the NYC Bottomless Brunch

Not to be confused with wearing no pants to lunch, the format of a bottomless brunch is usually an hour and a half (or even two hours) of unlimited bottomless alcoholic beverages mostly in the form of Mimosas, Bloody Mary’s and sometimes even frozen Margaritas. All this comes at a set price and the drink fee and quality often go hand in hand. Oh yes, there maybe even be some food too. If you are ready to become a NYC bruncher lets dive right in, but make sure your liver is ready to get pounded.

The list of the Top NYC Bottomless Brunch Locations


This restaurant bucks the trend and has ditched the “Sunday Brunch only” format and now offers bottomless brunches all week long, provided you buy an entree. So, not a true bottomless Sunday brunch eatery,the Mezetto format is one that many other restaurants are now seeking to employ. Small portions and a small space that doesn’t get that crowded, Mezetto does offer bottomless sangria and you can choose the white or red kind, but no one is judging. For the lush in your life this is a perfect fit to satisfy their midday and midweek alcoholic cravings that can be soaked up with some decent food in between gulps of the party machine.


This place has a DJ and you know it’s going to be a different experience from the moment you walk in. Popular with the African-American crowd, this juke joint is often a one-and-done experience for the white folks in the group. The food isn’t that great but the booze isn’t watered down and if you like The hip Hop scene this may be a perfect fit for you. Please do not bring your gats to this establishment as firewater and guns never mix . Once you have a buzz on, they even have a dance floor where you can let loose your vibrations after your excessive libations. Some people go there for the whole day, so better get your best sick day excuse ready for the dreaded Monday morning. Go early and stay late is the recommendation for this joint.


Across the street from Woodland exists it’s arch-nemesis, Piquant. When Woodland becomes overwhelmed this wannabe juke joint saps up the spare change. The food and drink is better than its competitor but the vibe is definitely lacking as there is no DJ and a lot of the place is outside. Leona, the owner, works hard to try to make this place a success. Piquant carries a similar set of drinks including mimosas and sangria’s, all part of the bottomless format, and it’s not even restricted to brunch either. The red sangria is stronger, but at this price who really cares? Lets get drunk on a Sunday lunchtime!


A ghetto brunch spot that makes mashups of old MTV videos and Madonnas movie soundtracks. This place has a DJ, but he thinks he’s in somebody’s living room in the center of the hood. It’s hard to be nostalgic for the early 2000’s ethos, so maybe it’s just too soon?  Mist has a back area if you want to get cozy with one another or just cuddle up to your drink. The food and drink is good here and this place makes people buy wristbands, so it often feels like drunk Disneyland, but without the rides. The food makes this place notable but the service is definitely lacking. If you have a bottomless brunch it’s only really available if you can find a waiter. No problem finding a waiter when the bill is due though. The vibe and jam at this West Harlem eatery is a cool slow burn, that can be savored.

Brooklyn Moon

This tiny Brooklyn eatery makes its  bottomless brunch diners sit elbow to armpit with each other. It’s busier in the summer and then maybe its a a long wait. The lack of good air conditioning makes it a sauna after just a few minutes, but the food is amazing and the mimosas are priced super low. This place doesn’t do a bottomless brunch, so it shouldn’t even be in this list, but you have to give an honorable mention to a place that does great food with bargain-priced drinks on a warm and sunny summer lunch time. The only downside is they are not using top shelf liquor in the bottomless deal so you may have a bad headache come Monday morning.


This bottomless brunch Nirvana can bring out the worst in you because you can get unlimited mimosas wine and margaritas. The liquor at this juke joint will make your bottomless brunch a challenge to beat. This place is very popular with the Bourgeoisie and has an excellent food menu, but take care with the bottomless brunch because alcohol poisoning is always just one drink away. During popular times this restaurant needs to be booked at least a month in advance, which takes out all the fun of getting your Sunday drink on.  


In Brooklyn, this place now does daily bottomless brunches, for those who just can’t wait for Sunday. No DJ here, but great music and a fun vibe will greet guests looking to get trashed with some decent food. The summertime offers them a great garden in the back and this super-cute bruncher spot attracts and an eclectic mix of people. There aren’t too many lines so you can usually get in pretty easily, but getting home in a straight line may be herder. If you wake up in a strange bed, don’t blame the management here.  

PS 450

You might be going back to school for this bottomless brunch experience. It’s super popular and often there is a long line to get in. Its the most expensive place in Manhattan for bottomless Sunday brunch, but it is also high quality and also offers top shelf liquor, saving you from your Monday morning headaches and the dreaded hand shakes. When you go to PS 450 you are guaranteed a great time, and if your experience is anything less than that then the manager wants to know about it. The DJ is hot and the overall experience matches it.  

Solomon and Kuff

This place is a beautiful spot for the bottomless brunch experience. Great for parties and anyone looking to appreciate a nice experience that has the cash to spend on it. The food is Caribbean based and it’s got all the flair and style of the high islands. Large glass windows allow sunlight to stream in so whether it’s summer or winter the experience is a light and airy feel. This place is all about the beautiful atmosphere and the food and the booze are also great. This is one of the few bottomless brunch spots where you actually get dressed up to go as the restaurant has some great backdrops that look great on Instagram. Just try not to be too drunk, so take the photos before you get your drink on.  


This dark and broody gastropub is a completely different experience to others in search of the bottomless brunch. It’s often so dark you can’t tell what the color of the drinks are, but bottomless brunch guests often don’t care about that, just keep those glasses filled. The food is pretty good even though the menu is a bit limited. The bottomless alcohol aspect is not top shelf liquor but it’s super cheap and is perfect for the budget conscious inebriate looking to destroy their liver.

These are our top 10 suggestions for New York City bottomless brunch spots, so now you can get your NYC drink on, just be sure to remember to get an Uber home and try to avoid those questionable drag backs, because you might regret it come the cold hard light of the miserable Monday morning.