Shops on Fifth Avenue: NYC’s Most Luxurious Retail Stores

Fifth Avenue shopping in NYC is among the best in the world and tourists come from all over the world to shop there. Over the years many great stores have lined the busy shopping paradise that is Fifth Ave. Recently some have moved on to different locations while others have grown into flagship stores. The only constant however has been the luxury department stores like Bergdorf Goodman, Saks and Barneys.

Luxury Department Stores

Saks Fifth Avenue

With all the luxury items you are searching for under one roof the large department stores along Fifth Avenue offer a one stop luxury experience. The stores carry many high end designers as well as some newcomers on the scene. With the rise of online shopping some of the stores have upped their game offering services like personal shopping experiences. The experience allows shoppers to shop stress free with an assistant who can help with style advice along the way. The department stores on Fifth are mostly flagship stores carrying all the newest and best items in fashion attracting many people to Fifth Avenue on a daily basis.

Saks Fifth Avenue

The brainchild of Horace Saks and Bernard Gimbel the original Saks store on fifth opened in 1924. When it first opened it was one of the only stores of its kind in a primarily residential area. Over the years it has grown into one of the busiest stores on Fifth Avenue. Now offering outstanding selling services and a massive range of merchandise from both American and European designers. Saks is definitely one of the places to have on your list of shops to visit on Fifth Avenue.


Although not officially on Fifth Avenue. Barneys is located on Madison Ave in the midst of many other stand alone luxury retail stores like Celine, Hermes, Givenchy. The clean chic store carries all the luxury brands that any fashionista is looking for. The stores marble floors and lacquered walls cost millions of dollars to create. As soon as you walk in you are hit by the amazing smells from the lower ground beauty department. The scents of French Parfümerie like la Labo Byredo and Dypitque can all be found in Barneys. The other small rooms throughout the 8 luxurious floors carry clothing shoes and the finest jewelry.

Bergdorf Goodman

This Luxury department store with eight floors of fashion was founded in 1899 and operates from two stores situated across the street from each other. The main store carries ladies wear and in the second store across the street you will find menswear. Bergdorf Goodman is part of the Neimen Marcus Group and is a leading fashion authority in New York City. With its iconic window displays the store draws many customers each and every day of the week. It provides a one stop destination for all things luxury for the whole family.

Fifth Ave Luxury Retail Stores

Luxury retail store Fifth Ave

Along with the large department stores, Fifth Avenue is also home to many other smaller stores that represent smaller luxury brands. These stores include the iconic Tiffany, Gucci and the newly opened futuristic Nike store and are all based on Fifth Avenue attract millions of shoppers every day.


The Celine store on Madison, with its clean white lines and minimally placed items, is the epitome of luxury. The staff are all dressed in dark colors creating a visually pleasing contract to the stark white walls of the store.


Although it is not their flagship store the Prada store on Fifth Avenue still offers three floors of luxury shopping selling shoes, bags and other small leather goods, clothes and outerwear.

Miu Miu

Located just around the corner from Prada on 57th Street is the Miu Miu flagship store. The super soft carpet and the soft velvet furnishings transport you inside a Miu Miu box with opulent blush and pink walls. Both the stores are sure to make your luxury shopping trip great.

Along, and around Fifth Avenue you will find all the other luxury brands including Hermes, Gucci and Armani. To be in the game in this neighborhood, brands are forced pay an insane price per square foot for the prime retail space in NYC. With the monthly price per square foot ranging from $1250 to $2000, it really is the most expensive place to set up shop in the world. The exclusivity of the address makes Fifth Avenue one of the best places to shop for luxury goods. Fifth Avenue attracts millions of tourists each and every week. But don’t expect any bargains here, many brands choose to destroy their products, rather than discount them.