Free Family Fun in NYC

NYC may not be the first destination that springs to mind when planning a vacation with family however with a little insight you can spend many fun filled family days exploring the city while keeping the children entertained and all on a budget which is always a good thing.

Playground and Parks

When the suns out and you’re in the city the easiest day out to plan is a picnic in the park. From the vast Central Park to the more intimate small playground scattered all around the city you are guaranteed a fun day out without the worry of paying for admission. An added bonus of NYC playgrounds in the summer is that many of them have water sprinklers attached to the play equipment that are turned on from Memorial Day to Labour day making the hot summer days much more bearable for the whole family.

Highline Park

The west village and runs from west 34th street to Ganesvoort street through the meatpacking. The converted overground railway track is one of the newer attractions in the city but has flourished over the years.  Take a leisurely walk with your family and make some stops along the way to take in the views and take some great pics. if you look closely you’ll even catch a glimpse of the statue of liberty along the way. 

Family Friendly Museums

If the heat is too much or the even on super cold days another great day out in the city is to visit one of the many museums on and around the island. NYC is home to some of the best museums most of which obviously come with a hefty entrance fee however you will supersized to learn that there are many places that come with very little or no cost. Some of  the museums including the The Museum of National History have a “suggested donation” as the entry fee so this means you can actually visit for free and pay your own price at the desk if you wish. Most museums that require payment also have reduced rates for a family of four. 

Bridges and Ferries

Brooklyn Bridge

If you want to get a little more adventurous you can attempt a ride on the free Staten Island Ferry or even take a walk across the Brooklyn Bridge both of which are completely free activities.  The Staten Island Ferry Pier Departs Whitehall terminal in NYC every 30 minutes and the return ferry from ST George Terminal also leaves every 30 minutes. Along the ride you will get a sneaky peak at the Statur of liberty and stunning views of  Manhattan as you pull out of the terminal. once you rech the island you can make a quick visit to the Staten Island Children’s Museum which is also free.

If walking is something your family enjoys then a walk across the Brooklyn Bridge is a must on a fine day. you can walk in either direction to or from Brooklyn and take in the sites just be sure to take care of the cyclists! 

All in all a fun day out in the city on  a budget is definitely not impossible pack some snacks and get your walking shoes on and you will be sure to have a great day which ever activity you choose to do.