Romantic Restaurants In New York City

Romantic Restaurants In New York City

With the thousands of restaurants in NYC you may expect to see quite of lot of romantic restaurants, but the reality is that they are few and far between. Below we have listed a couple of our favorite romantic restaurants, which are well booked up in advance of Valentines Day.


Location: 257 West 55th Street
(between Broadway and 8th Avenues)
Phone: (212) 713-0224

Dinner and the theater go hand-in-hand, especially when planning a romantic date, so when choosing your dinner destination for a special afternoon or evening, we’ve found a place that should no doubt be on the list. Nocello is on top of its game. It’s one of those restaurants where we had a hard time finding something we didn’t want to rave about. First of all, do yourself a favor and make a reservation, and if this is for a special night, let them know it and request an intimate table in the back. Secondly, don’t rush through this meal- get there nice ‘n early-please don’t eat and run. And lastly, take advantage of their special dishes that change daily. Some of the best things we ate were never on the menu in the first place. We started with the Insalata Nocello ($8.95). Sliced apples, walnuts and gorgonzola cheese with a glass of Italian house red and the Beef Carpaccio ($10.75), made from thinly sliced Fillet Mignon. The pastas were plentiful and cooked exactly as requested- did I mention I wanted to marry the guy that makes their pink sauce? The Rigatoni alla Boscalolo –a.k.a with sausage and peas — ($15.95) was just superb. Moving on, we tried a special that wasn’t on the menu- the lamb special was a Rack of Lamb dipped in a light batter and sautéed in a wine sauce ($22.50). It was served with the most decadent garlic mashed potatoes and fresh vegetables. Their version of Chicken Parmesan, Pollo Panetone ($16.95), was served with a slice of eggplant and had a light tomato sauce. Just when you think the meal, the helpful wait staff and the atmosphere couldn’t improve. we ordered the chocolate mousse cake ($6.75) and asked for a side of their homemade walnut ice cream. Did somebody say “aphrodisiac?”

NYC Romantic Restaurant
One If By Land. Two If By Sea. NYC Romantic Restaurant

One If By Land. Two If By Sea

17 Barrow St, New York, NY 10014
Phone: (212) 255-8649

If it’s full-on romance that you are looking for then “One If By Land. Two If By Sea” is the perfect spot. This downtown staple has been bringing romantic couples together for over 20 years with its “progressive” prix fixe menu and attentive wait staff in an eclectic setting. Averaging at over two engagements per night at this restaurant, the waitstaff actually place bets on who they think will be getting engaged that night. The bill for dinner runs a bit steep, but isn’t she worth it? If the ring is supposed to be two months salary, then this restaurant is surely worth at least two weeks salary. Don’t get relegated to the second floor, unless you really want to make it a quiet affair. The only other complaints about this place is that it can be a bit stuffy with a midweek crowd of traders all betting on who the next marriage victim will be.