New York City Parking – Parking Garage Parent Companies

New York City Parking Garages:

About 70 percent of the 1,100 parking garages in New York City are owned by just 12 major parent companies. With over 1,100 parking facilities and 103,000 parking spaces in New York City to choose from, there are only a small handful of companies that represent the majority of the parking garages. The major parking garage companies with their names seen everywhere in NYC are parent companies that have franchised their brand, granting the privilege of using the parent company’s name to LLCs. Many New York City parking garages are LLCs, or limited liability companies, in which the parent company/corporation provides limited liability to its owner. This type of company is used so that if the parking garage were to be sued, they would be suing the individual LLC and not the parent company. While the majority (70 percent) of parking garages in New York City are owned by the companies listed below, there are also a handful (30 percent) of small independent parking garages that don’t make the list.

Parent Company List:

Central Parking System Central Parking System
There are approximately 250 Central Parking System locations in New York City. Central Parking System’s clients include owners and operators of mixed-use projects, office buildings, hotels, stadiums and arenas as well as airports, hospitals and municipalities. Central Parking System is a wholly owned subsidiary of Central Parking Corporation, headquartered in Nashville, Tennessee, the same location where it was originally founded in the late 1950s.

Icon Parking Systems
There are over 185 Icon parking garage facilities throughout New York City. Facilities may occasionally get full, and if one does, Icon Parking Systems will network to promptly find a comparable alternative nearby. A guaranteed parking space can be reserved online in advance, as Icon is one of the few New York City parking garages with an online parking reservation system.  Icon and Central Parking operate approximately 50 percent of all NYC garages and lots, and both sold their operations to outside investors for a combined price of $1.5 billion in 2007.

GMC (Garage Management Company)
GMC is a family owned and operated professional parking business that was founded in 1920. GMC offers over 70 parking garage locations throughout New York City, specifically Manhattan, with affordable prices to suit every budget. GMC parking garages are secure, clean and well lit, and most locations are indoors and offer 24-hour service.

Champion Parking Garage
Serving NYC since 1949, Champion Parking has been a family-run business since its inception when it was founded by Sam Rosenblatt, and is still owned and operated by the Rosenblatt family three generations later. Champion Parking garages operate 24-hour shifts, offer valet services, and keep facilities safe with 24-hour video surveillance of garage activity. There are a total of 45 Champion Parking garage locations in New York City.

Townhouse Management Company
Founded in 1933 by William Maidman, Townhouse Management Company currently owns and manages nearly 70 buildings and more than 25 parking garages. Townhouse Management Company is a diversified real estate company that acquires and develops residential, commercial, retail and mixed-use properties throughout New York City.

Enterprise Parking Systems
Enterprise Parking Systems was established in 1986 with one garage and has grown into a citywide multi-facet garage management company. Facilities offer 24-hour valet service. Enterprise Parking Systems manages Trump Parc, Trump Plaza, Trump International Hotel & Tower, and Trump Palace Garage. Enterprise has a total of 25 parking garage locations in New York City.

Edison ParkFast
There are 20 Edison ParkFast parking garages throughout New York City in Manhattan and Brooklyn, with additional garages nearby in Newark and Jersey City, New Jersey. Edison ParkFast offers a variety of parking options that include hourly, daily, monthly and vehicle storage. Reservations can be made on their Web site. Edison ParkFast also offers new PayFast pre-paid cards, allowing customers to enter and exit without taking a ticket.

Quik Park
In business for over 30 years, Quik Park was recently sold to a joint partnership consisting of Quik Park CEO Rafael Llopiz, Marathon Real Estate (a division of Marathon Asset Management), and KMG Partners LLC (a New York-based investment real estate and development group). Marathon Real Estate holds over $8 billion in capital with total assets under management of $15 billion, so under the new ownership, the new available capital has allowed the expansion of Quik Park’s portfolio and enhancement of garage revenues and appearance. There are 20 Quik Park parking garages in New York City.

Alliance Parking Service
Alliance Parking Services offers 19 parking garage locations throughout New York City, including Manhattan, Brooklyn and Queens. In Manhattan, there are seven garages on the east side, five on the west side, one in Soho and two uptown in Washington Heights. Unlike other parking garages, Alliance has a service guarantee that they will refund up to $100 of a customer’s parking fee if, for any reason, a patron is dissatisfied with service at any Alliance parking facility. Alliance also offers an eco-friendly car wash service through their partnership with GeoWash.

The Hertz Corporation
Hertz is widely known for its car rental services with many locations in New York City, but the company also provides parking at six Hertz Manhattan locations. Hertz rental vehicles are eligible for discounted rates of as little as $14 for up to 24 hours. Hertz has three Upper East Side locations, two on the Upper West Side, and one in Greenwich Village downtown.

Five Star Parking
Five Star Parking is one of the largest parking operators in the United States. Five Star Parking owns, operates and manages parking operations from surface lots to commercial parking structures to major international airport parking garages in 12 different states. For the last 24 years, Five Star is the exclusive parking operator for all three major airports in the New York and New Jersey area, running the parking operations at JFK International Airport, Newark Liberty International Airport, and LaGuardia Airport. That also includes valet parking services at Newark Liberty and JFK. Five Star also operates the parking garage at Waterside Plaza, an exclusive luxury community with over 1,400 residents and businesses.

Park-It Management
Park-It Management is a family owned and operated parking facility management company with over 35 years of experience. There are plenty of locations in New York City that can accommodate parking needs.